Hi, betcha never saw an Undoomvahgaz before!
Grrrr(What happened to the dancing doomguards??)Grrrr
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09-11-02 First update in about 3 years. I fixed up my whole page and uploaded it here on sitemouse. Gave it a new firey look and some other minor changes. Working on fixing Stop Rentar! and possibly a Stop Rentar II!
E-mail me if you have a question you would like to see on the poll.(If you don't, I'll run out of ideas, and start putting up really stupid questions.)

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I'm an Undoomvahgaz, I fight Rentar :) "Undoomvahgaz's are weak" you say? Play Stop Rentar!!! when I fix it,
it'll show you otherwise! (Netscape 4.0 / IE 4.0 or later)
I'm Rentar-Ihrno! I'm evil! Arg!

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I've added a secret page. The link to it is hidden, otherwise it wouldn't be a secret. :) I'll give you a hint: It's on this page, so you don't have to go looking around my entire site. Note: right now my secret page isn't really worth finding, there's only a couple of javascripts on it (including a surpisingly fun pong game :), e-mail me any ideas you might have for me to put on my secret page so it isn't quite as boring.

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