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09/06/06 -

The results of the Pearl Contest and Fourth Scenario Ranking Contest are up. Congratulations to Terror's Martyr and all participants. The winners can be found on my Blades of Exile contests listing.

07/16/05 -

The results of the Seventh Scenario Design Contest are in! Congratulations to Tomorrow and all entrants. The full list of placements and winners can be found on my Blades of Exile contests listing.

07/07/05 -

Added two articles to the Misc. page - a bestiary entry on hydras, and a list of statistcs for continents on Ermarian.

I've also added a chronicle of Blades of Exile contests to the Blades of Exile page. If you have any information that I don't, or have any corrections, please email me.

07/06/05 -

Changed email address on all pages. Hopefully more information will be up here soon.

03/07/05 -

Custom Floor Template and Custom Terrain Template added, courtesy of Thuryl.

04/17/04 -

Custom Item Template added, as well as two more articles, Designing Quality Towns and Items: Balance and Cool Stuff. All of this is taking place on the Blades of Avernum page.

04/13/04 -

Custom Creature Template added, as well as another article.

04/12/04 -

Added another article to the BoA page. Due to my internet being down recently, I haven't been able to do much. Some BoA Templates are coming soon.

04/05/04 -

I've eliminated some pages, combined some others, created a Blades of Avernum page, and actually added some content to the Miscellaneous page.

04/03/04 -

I've just done a little bit of cleanup on the site, my first update in over a year. I've also accidentally deleted the old index page. You can expect the site to be refined and streamlined as the month goes on.

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