Beloved Blue Female DOBERMAN Lost traveling through South Carolina
I was just informed that one of my dogs that was sold recently that I bred was spooked by a truck at a rest area in South Carolina and disappeared into the night.
She is a 5 year young Blue female Doberman Pinscher, ears cropped, tails docked, microchipped in my name Lucy Jakubowski and Cindy Raymann (deceased). She was wearing a black studded leather collar and a choke chain and of course being blue has a thin blue charcoal grey coat. Her name is Blue and has extensive training in obedience and agility AND LISTENS WELL. Will come when called "BLUE COME". A WONDERFUL ANIMAL. AVID CHIP 092-768-792
She disappeared into the night last Sunday February 26th last rest area on the South Carolina -Georgia line in South Carolina on Interstae 95, maybe a little south around Walterboro S.C., on interstate 95. The new owner was not sure of the rest area because she was tired and it was dark. She said she only looked for her for 1/2 hour, then left to go north to New York. So sad, she did not wait till morning to resume looking for BLUE. I cannot believe she did not wait till light to find her.UNBELIEVABLE. Please help, You may use this link and print out a flyer for "Missing Dog" and put or post anywhere you want to help to bring Blue Home. I will drive down to pick her up if we find her.
If any one knows any rescue groups or spca organizations in that area, please email this flyer to, so I can continue my search. I will goggle rescues in S.C area and Georgia and Fla. I have posting on all Doberman chat rooms FaceBook, Craiglist, Fido-finder, etc. Thank you and pray for Blue. Thank you for the overwhelming response to all the kindred spirits that have helped so far, I am truly humbled by the out-pouring to find BLUE.
Lucy Jakubowski